Sherwood Mill Pond & Allen's Clam and Lobster House


Join me on a tour of the Westport (CT) Sherwood Mill Pond! The tour features Allen's Clam and Lobster House, currently being considered for purchase by the Town of Westport. After an aerial visit, we'll land and see the site up close.

Mill Pond from the Air

First, look at the entire mill pond. Notice:

The Sherwood Mill Pond

In the next picture, the green-roofed building in the center is Allen's Clam and Lobster House. Across the parking lot, on Hills Point road, is the red "barn" building.

The Town's public access is where the road passes by the shore in the upper left of the photo. That's all marshland, not suitable for construction. Currently, the access way is a narrow footpath through tall grass.
Allen's Clam and Lobster House

Mill Pond up Close

Up close, the Mill Pond is a peaceful place. Here's part of the panaroma from the parking lot at Allen's Clam and Lobster House.
Panoramic View from Allen's

The patrons inside Allen's share the view, in considerably more elegant surroundings than this view of the building suggests.
Allen's from the parking lot

A few ducks come over to remind the visitor that the Mill Pond is home to much wildlife. Ducks that aren't on the menu

The Mill Pond's other shores

Leaving Allen's, we walk through the Old Mill Beach parking lot, behind the houses, and finally reach the tide gates.
Tide Gate

Looking at the fast-moving water here shows why the Town does not intend to encourage boating on the pond. Another reason becomes apparent after all this water flows out: The Pond then is said to be so shallow that a canoe could be stranded.
Water rushing over, down, and through

The Public Access

You can get there from here... North of Allen's Clam House, along Hills Point Road, we peek through the tall grass at the roadside public access already owned by the Town.
The existing public access

But you can't park? Only a muddy shoulder is available for parking. Despite this, a resident states that cars park along here in the summertime now for access to nearby beaches.
The existing public access
That concludes our tour. Thanks for coming!

Copyright (C) 1999, Walter D. HarrisComposed using Emacs and Xv on the Linux operating system. Images recorded with a Nikon Coolpix 900 digital camera supported by a Beechcraft V35B Bonanza.