Longshore Club Park


It's off to the beach for this virtual tour. As the Town of Westport (CT) considers erecting a new building and making other improvements to Longshore Club Park, we take a quick visit to the site.

View -- Intro
The site offers spectacular views. Take a look! Check out our panoramic view from the exact site for the proposed building! (676K, high-speed Internet connection helpful.)

Entrance View

The site is the former location of the Longshore Bathhouse, behind the traffic circle in this photo.

The gravel parking lot and entrance drive (foreground, above) are to be reconfigured and paved.
View from Lighthouse Foundation

Here, we look over the concrete foundation of an old lighthouse, toward the marina. The Town is seeking private funds to build a new decorative lighthouse, now to serve only as a place to sit and watch the boats and seascape.

Current Temporary Structures

Temporary Concession

Now, the site is a grass field. The Longshore Bathhouse was recently demolished. A temporary trailer houses a concession, from which one can buy food and drink.
Temporary Tennis Office

Another trailer serves (pardon the pun) as the Tennis Office.


Poolhouse The Poolhouse will be finished in the same style as the new building. The Planning and Zoning Commission has required that it receive additional finishing and they have approved this solution.


There are primarily two styles of architecture currently in the park, typified by the Inn at Longshore and by the Parks and Recreation Administration Building. The new building is planned to be similar to to the Administration Building, with a stucco finish. Notably, the building previously on the site was of this style also.

The actual design will be presented again at the RTM Meeting at Town Hall, on July 6, 1999, at 8 PM. In the meantime, the two existing styles can easily be compared in the photographs below. First, we see the Inn at Longshore, then the Administration Building: Inn at Longshore
Parks and Rec. Administration Building


That concludes our tour. Thanks for coming!

Copyright (C) 1999, Walter D. HarrisComposed using Emacs and Xv on the Linux operating system. Images recorded with a Nikon Coolpix 900 digital camera.